Withfield Courts Phases

Phases of Withfield Courts Residential Community

You will love building your home on the sprawling development that is Withfield Courts.  We have chosen to develop Withfield Courts by Phases allowing for a sustainable and resilient approach to community building. In Phase 1, infrastructure and security are our main focus.  We have installed underground power and water systems, which means that you do not have to worry about these prior to construction.  Concrete road network and sidewalks with proper drainage will complement your landscaping.  Closed circuit surveillance cameras will monitor neighbourhoods and a security building at the entrance outfitted with card-controlled access gates will assure you that your safety and privacy are important.  Common areas for recreation will include a multipurpose court for individual and family activities.

We invite you to come and be a part of Withfield Courts community and to follow us on this website and on our social media handles to hear more about development of the future Phases.


Note that the Withfield Courts Phases described above are tentative.  ALL future phases are subject to approval by the Department of Environment of Belize and the Developer.